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Voice Remapping

Vioce Remapping
Voice Remapping is a technology that uses the voice to assist those who have suffered trauma and family pain achieve emotional balance and understanding. Voice Remapping is the path to feeling emotionally whole.

How does it work?
The VoCal 360 uses sophisticated voice analysis technology to uncover spiritual, emotional/mental, and physical blockages in your thought patterns. It is designed to clear reoccurring patterns of thought that produces automatic responses and keeps a person acting and thinking in ways that create conflict in their life. The VoCal 360 helps them activate and achieve the ability to move forward in life responding much differently to physical and emotional stress. The total core of the person changes with a distinct difference in their voice.

While sitting on a platform surrounded by magnetic field, the individual wears goggles, which play a light show that your brain creates with the help of light frames. There's also soothing music through headphones. Two transducers produce harmonic balancing vibrations underneath and up the back of the chair's wooden slats.

The individual is asked to focus on each issue as the missing frequencies are then played back. Each session includes one to six rounds. In this progression, the body balances its emotional stress points. This shift is reflected in the voice (voice remapping), which changes patterns that had become rigid and stuck. The patterns then become dynamic and flowing (or floating) and are a reflection of your ability to adjust and adapt to stress in a healthy way. The process is lasting.

You will notice that you will not react to situations the way you have in the past. Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through issues more quickly. The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart. NOW, are you ready to find out who you "truly" are?

Some of the benefits are:
• Remove Fears
• Improve Sleep
• Improve Studies
• Increase Motivation
• Sports Enhancement
• Overcome fear of Public Speaking
• Boost Confidence
• Boost Creativity
• Overcome Grief
• Overcome Anger
vioce remapping vioce remapping
The voice contains coded information about state of mind and health. The VoCal 360 uses this information to gently and permanently change any patterns that are not serving an individual.
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voice remapping
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Dr. Rossee McLellan offers holistic treatments which create well being spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Treatment procedures include Voice Remapping, Harmonic Energetic Balancing (HEB), Resonant Light Technology (PERL), Vibration Therapy using the TurboSonic, Oxygen-fed Tissue Detoxification with the ST-8, Massage Therapy with the Migun massage bed, detoxification using the Ionic Foot Bath, and diagnosis using the L.I.F.E. Biofeedback System. Dr. Rossee is located in Atlanta, Georgia.